Marvelous Marvin has provided profes-sional broadcast entertainment to the Tampa Bay area for many years. It's not hard to understand why Marvin is so popular. He always provides his clients and listeners with:

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What the press has written about Marvelous Marvin of Q105 FM in Tampa Bay

The St. Petersburg Times and the Tampa Tribune have noticed Marvin's popularity here in Tampa. Here are two articles from the local papers:
The Tampa Tribune published this article, Simply Marvelous, about Marvelous Marvin from Q105 FM radio in Tampa, FL.
The following article, " Simply Marvelous", was published in the Tampa Tribune on June 26, 2007:
You know a disc jockey is special when you listen through the commercials to get to his next funny line or keen observation. Or just to hear that familiar, comforting voice as it introduces the next song.
You don't hit the button for another station when your favorite DJ is on the air.
For me, that DJ is "Marvelous" Marvin Boone, who is equal parts comedian, friend and rock 'n roll historian to his listeners at WRBQ, 104.7 FM. Boone, 51, has been at the station since May 2000.
His deep, measured bass is always under control. He's soothing, yet lively in tone. He definitely has the voice, but what sets him apart are his ears.
"My favorite thing about this job is the calls I get," says Marvelous Marvin, as he is known to his listeners, between songs at the station. "Most people have the callers screened, but I take them all. And I let them talk."
There was the lady in chemo treatment who called in and cried after he made a comment that touched her. And the "Crazy Lady," who regularly calls to rant. Then there's Joey, who calls a couple of times each week from the bus stop to hear "Love Train" by the O'Jays and dances when it plays.
Somehow they all connect into a radio family from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day except Saturday. The "Bouffant Buffet," an all-requests-and-dedications hour from noon to 1 p.m., is when Marvelous Marvin is totally in his element.
"I like the guys who call to request a song and forget why they called or what song they want," he says. "I find them entertaining, and so I put them on the air, because I figure my listeners will find them entertaining."
The studio line rings, and he punches the phone button. The caller's voice is somewhat muffled as he requests "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" by Gordon Lightfoot. "The Wreck of the Ella Fitzgerald?" asks Marvelous Marvin, and he chuckles when they wrap up the call.
Boone has been Marvelous Marvin ever since the late Scott Robbins, whom he worked with at another local radio station, dubbed him so 11 years ago. Robbins never told him why he started with the nickname, but Boone figures it's connected to former boxing champion Marvelous Marvin Hagler.
Boone's life, at least his past, sounds a lot like a country music song. In 1999, he weighed 320 pounds and was drinking and eating heavily. He lost his job and was divorced on the same day - Dec. 13, no less.
But over the next two years, he lost 120 pounds, got sober, began exercising and started eating healthily. He got his current job and met his current wife, Pamela. Life was truly marvelous for Marvin, the son of a former TV and radio newsman from the Midwest who quit as a DJ in 1955 because he couldn't stand "this new rock 'n roll" music. "I was unemployed and alone back then," he says. "But I got centered. I prayed to stop drinking. I prayed the weight off. I learned about nutrition and exercise, and now I work out at 7:30 every morning. shirts. A biker was killed in a biking accident in New Port Richey and asked to be buried with his bike and tapes of my shows.
"I said something on the air that was meant as a joke to my wife, who is always concerned about her hair. I said, 'You look beautiful to me without hair.' A lady who was undergoing chemo called me up and was in tears."
He shakes his head and bows down before adding, "The listeners touch you. But I'm just a conduit. I inherited this voice, and all I have is a gift from God."
The St. Petersburg Times published this article, DJ Spins New Tune with a Healthy Lifestyle, about Marvelous Marvin from Q105 FM radio in Tampa, FL.
The following article, " DJ Spins New Tune with a Healthy Lifestyle", was published in the St. Petersburg Times on December 12, 2006:
Headphones on, He's "Marvelous" Marvin, Q105 midday DJ, king of the oldies, master of rock 'n roll trivia.
Headphones off, He's Marvin Boone Jr., happily married husband, king of the fruit smoothies, master of the exercycle.
Six years and 115 pounds ago, 7-Eleven clerks set their watches by his nightly 2 a.m. forages for chips, ice cream, candy and beer. At 320 pounds, he says it took 12 beers to get a buzz.
He decided he wanted to end his unhealthy habits the day he was fired from talk radio. On the same day, he filed for divorce from his second wife, a disaster he blames on too many Margaritas in Las Vegas.
The turning point was Dec. 13, 1999, "and all before noon," he said. Boone switched his prodigious appetite from food to learning about nutrition and the Bible, searching for deeper answers than a few quick New Year's resolutions.
"New Year's resolutions don't work because you make them when you're drunk," said Boone, 51. "And diets teach you how not to eat and I already knew that."
Boone had ballooned to size 48 pants before the next jock job had him hawking Body Solutions Evening Weight Loss Formula and endorsing a local gym near his Hyde Park bungalow.
The company was sued for false advertising, and Boone admits their claims of losing weight while sleeping were far-fetched. Even so, participating in the campaign forced him to change some of his bad habits. He stopped eating at night and lost 20 pounds in a month.
Then he started going to the gym he was touting. He expected a torture chamber, but found support instead. He became a regular, going nearly every day. Gradually, his weight began to drop.
Now, he's maintaining his weight at 205 pounds. He starts each day with a powdered milk smoothie, then drinks fruit juice to hydrate at the gym. He eats organic eggs for breakfast and stops to buy a smoothie on his way to work. He snacks on fruit while he's on the air, then goes home to make a big salad, loaded with broccoli and salmon.
Growing up, Boone's weight rose every time his DJ father, Marvin Boone Sr., changed stations. He's lost track of how many schools he attended in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan.
"I was always the new fat kid," he said. "That's one reason I listened to a lot of music."
Home has always been West Virginia, where he was born and spent his summers.
"I considered every day I'm not a coal miner to be a success," he said. Against his father's wishes, Boone mined music. He secretly enrolled in the Ohio School of Broadcasting in Cleveland, started his career in 1978 at WGUL-AM/FM in New Port Richey.
"It took my Dad five years to tell me he was proud of me," said Boone, the oldest of five children and the only one in radio.
Daytime, he played Glenn Miller, Count Basie and Hank Williams. Saturday nights, he brought in records from home and took requests for oldies. He was as surprised as everyone else when his Saturday show got ratings.
The late radio guru Scott Robbins took note. He gave him the nickname "Marvelous" and hired him for the midday shift and a Saturday oldies show at Magic 96.
Boone bounced to different stations, sometimes in the same building, over nearly three decades. You've heard his deep voice on Mix 96; WHBO-1040AM; U92; and WFLA-970 AM, among an alphabet soup of others. Callers go nuts for his wacky phone calls and try to stump his legendary recall of '60s, '70s and '80s music when he hosts Q105's daily Bouffant Buffet.
He has impressed DJ Mason Dixon during the 15 years they've worked together. He calls him encyclopedic.
"My reference is Marvin," he said. "I'll ask him before I'll look it up. He knows the groups, the artists, the labels. We have a great time kicking the into back and forth and involving the listeners."
Boone cherishes the quiet when he puts down the microphone. He reads his Bible, cooks healthy meals and takes walks with his wife, Pamela.
Spinning the Platters will always be Boone's passion. Those platters of chicken wings and fries? Not as tempting as the Temptations.
Marvin on...
Women: Once broke up with a girlfriend because she didn't like Louis Armstrong. Married three times, since 2002 to Pamela, who was escorted down the aisle by an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas. She and Boone met when she was caller No. 9. He accidentally hung up on her.
Band: Songwriter, drummer for the Stumbling Troubadors.
First song he remembers: Splish, Splash, Bobby Darin's 1958 hit.
Fan Club: Mountain musician Ralph Stanley and bluesman Muddy Waters. "He has the countenance of Buddha."
Out of the studio: Mobile DJ available for weddings and special events, (813) 259-0266.
Marvelous Marvin is on the air, middays, on Q105 FM's Q105 Tampa, FL.

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